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The Hatter
Dark eyes looked out from the shadows and on to a young beauty. The beauty was the most beautiful creature the figure had ever laid eyes on. She had emerald green eyes that sparked when she fought; she had dark curls that cascaded down past her shoulders. The beauty was courted by many all over Underland. But it was also known all across Underland that her heart was alas taken by the red queen’s hatter.

The unknown figure watched the beauty walk down the white cobble stone path. Following behind the woman was a small chubby toddler with dark curls and lavender eyes; the two walked under the lamps light and a man stepped out of the shadows with death like grey eyes. The man was taller than her, had black hair darker than night, and was wearing a White hood to cover his body. The woman grabbed the toddlers arm and pulled her behind her skirts to keep her from the man’s view.

"Ammara." He said as he walked closer to the woman. Ammara took a tighter hold on the child's arm to where she was whimpering in pain; as the man got closer and Ammara looked him in the face. He was a knight for the white ones, the rouge knights who torture and torment all who live in Underland under the red queen’s kingdom. Thanos was the leader of the white ones and the most horrible creature alive his name even meant death in the old language. "Ah I see you have someone with you, isn't she the spitting image you?" Thanos kneeled down and played with one of the child's curls, as he went to stroke the toddler’s face Ammara pulled her behind her again and glared at the knight. "Don't you dare touch her!"

"Tsk, such outspoken wench aren’t you?" said as he stood up and toward over Ammara, Thanos started circling around the two. Getting closer to Ammara each time ; as Thanos got inches away from her face he stopped and lifted his hand to stroke her beautiful face.
"STOP! Get away from you Thanos!" A man yelled as he stepped in to the lamps light away from the dark shadows. As Ammara saw the man she sighed in relief, and started to stroke the frightened toddler’s hair.

Chuckling Thanos turned away from Ammara and turned to the man and walked closer to him. The man had blond hair that went to his neck and lavender eyes that could only been seen when he looked up from his black top hat." And why should I? Who is going to stop me? Are you Narsir?" Narsir looked at Thanos who was a eye to eye with him, and stood up straight to tower over him. “She’s my wife, Thanos you know this! You and your knights aren’t supposed to be in the Red queen’s kingdom, you were banished with the rest of your kind. Now Leave and I won’t let the royal army know you and your bag of scum lackeys are here." Narsir looked in to Thanos grey eyes and turned to grab his wife and child, as he turned his back Thanos attacked him and knocked him out with one swift hit.

The little girl started screaming as she saw her father fall unconscious, the screams echoed off the village and attacked the attention of the villagers. The villagers came running towards the screams and Thanos threw Narsir over his shoulder and laid him on his white horse. Walking in front of Ammara he leaned in closed and whispered in her ear. “I will be back for you and your daughter; to make sure one of you is either my bride or the bride of my first born son. If you don't come with me willingly then i will kill Narsir in front of your daughter. “Thanos leaned away from Amara’s ear and kissed her check as tears streamed down her beautiful face. Thanos turned away and got on his horse and road away; all that was left was Narsirs family crying and a black top hat that lay on the ground with the ribbon ripped slightly. And from the darkness a promise was heard....
“Until we meet again Ammara..."
The Journey

Sixteen Years Later.

How does it feel knowing your barley alive?” A menacing voice boomed in to the dark; a bloody scream echoed off the dark walls as a bloody hand scrapped across the floor and a man screamed. “HATTER!!!” 
Jolting awake I looked around and I remembered I was lying under the shroom plum; in the little meadow with the plums covering the entire field some small and some 100 feet tall. Off in the distance you could see the red kingdom and my small village, which a young prince now rules after the king, died the last time the spider lilies trees were in bloom.  Looking up in to the sky I jumped up when seeing that the sun was now turning lavender. "I'm late! Mother will kill me." Rushing away I cut through the spider lilies trees and along the broken cobble stone. 

Rushing down the hill I see mother pacing along the villages edge. She spots me and run to me meet me, as I try to slow down so I don't knock her down." Hatter you’re late! I told you be here BEFORE the sun turned lavender not AFTER!" 

"I know mother; I'm sorry I feel asleep under a shroom plum in the meadow." I gasp out as I try to catch my breath. Before I have the chance to breathe mother grabs my hand and pulls me towards our little house above the village’s hat shop. 

"Why did you need me so early again, Mother?" I ask as I follow her up the steps.

"We have to get you back to your lessons; if you’re going to take over the hat shop and take over your father’s job as the red queen’s hatter, we need to get you back to your lessons." Mother said as she pulled me in to the study and towards my desk. 

"Mother, you've already had me work today!" Pulling my hand out of her grasp and I back away as she turns towards me again. "I’ve spent hours working; but what if I don't want to be a hatter? I never want to be anything like Narsirs! That traitor left us! If it wasn't for grandfather we would have starved. I will never be anything like that no good-." 

"Hatter!" An old voice said behind me; turning around I saw grandfather. Looking at him I realized how young he looked for how old he is. Grandfather was a little over my 5`8 and had red hair that curled to his shoulders. He has a dark grey top hat with a red ribbon; he still had a muscular build even though he was 105.   

"Grandfather?" I say quietly.

"You will not disrespect your mother or my son, is that clear?" Looking down at my hands I play with my black ring and say quietly. "Yes grandfather." Looking in to his eyes I see them soften. "Ammara, leave Hatter alone for today she’s worked hard enough." Smiling I look up at him as he pulls me in to a hug. "Thank you grandfather." I whisper in to his ear as he hugs me harder. "Anytime." He whispers back to me as he lets me go. 

Walking out of the study and in to my room which was on the other side of the house. Our little house has two bedrooms, a study, a kitchen, and a small den. It was above grandfathers hat shop; Narsirs use to work there before he worked for the red  queen. After Narsirs left us when i was little; my mother started working there for money. Our village has only hat shop in the red kingdom; though ever since the late king died there wasn't any money to really spend on hats. The prince after he took over the red kingdom, he raised the taxes on the villagers to pay for his pets. 

The prince had exotic animals from all seven kingdoms. Valoops from the orange kingdom, Meerks from the yellow kingdom, Yalow’s from the green kingdom, Snatchers from the blue kingdom, and Wallocks from the violet kingdom. The seven kingdoms were named after the time of the day the suns color is when the sun light hits the towers of the kingdom. It was said that before the prince took over the red kingdom that all seven kingdoms got along and were at peace; but when the prince came in to power and became selfish the other kingdoms peace between the red kingdom and them vanished. Now the kingdoms fight and create war and turmoil across all of Underland. 

Walking in to my room I look in the mirror and in to my lavender eyes. `I do look like him Narsirs ...  my father. I have his curly black hair` My hair is to my shoulders, I have my mother’s figure and Narsirs features. I pick up the picture of my mother and him it was from when they were teenagers when they first met. Looking at Narsirs I notice that I’m wearing clothes like him too. `My clothes are like his too. Only difference is he’s wearing a blue waist coat and knee pants and I’m wearing black with chains going to my knees. Our socks are the same too. One black and blue stripped sock and one black and green checkered sock. IM NOTHING LIKE HIM AND I WILL NEVER BE LIKE THAT TRAITOR!!!

Slamming the picture down I walk to the window, opening it I climb out and start climbing up towards the roof. Getting to the roof I sit on the old wood and hug my knees; as I lay my head against my arms I see a black paw attacking my green ribbon attached to my black top hat. Looking down I see its Ataroa, lifting my head I start to pet him and scratch behind his ear making him purr. Picking him up and setting him in my lap I stroke his back and laugh as his black and orange strips spike up as I scratch his ears. "Oh Ataroa what am I going to do? Mother wants me to be a hatter and so does grandfather but I don’t want to be. I want to be a knight; I want to have adventures and be in control of my life and do something with it!" I groan. 

"Why don’t you tell them?" A small voice comes from my lap. Ataroa looks up at me and puts his paw on my cheek. "Tell them, they might understand." Ataroa says again. Laughing I shake my head. "I forgot you could talk again. Sorry. You know I can’t do that Ataroa they won’t understand; they never do." Ataroa shakes his head and tries to get comfortable in my lap." You know you have gotten more orange strips then when I first found you." Laughing as I remember the first time I met Ataroa.

“I need to get back to mother before she freaks out and thinks I ran away." I say as I cut through an alley. "Hey! Watch where you’re stepping!" A small voice said. “What?" looking down, a black and orange stripped kitten was laying on a basket. Crouching down I pet the kitten and mutter to myself. 

"I swear I heard someone. Hmm I guess I’m imagining it. Hey kitty, where’s your home? You look lost and hungry." 

"Scratch behind my ears if you’re going to crouch there and almost runs me over." The kitten said. 

"What? You can talk?" I gasp and step back away from the kitten. 

"Hey I was being scratched here! And yes I can talk, it’s what people do." the kitten said and jumped on to a shroom plum. 

"How can you talk?" 

"I just can I have been doing it since I was born."

"But you’re just a kitten?"

"And you’re just a little girl and you can talk."

The kitten tried to get closer to me, so I could pet it but it slipped on a small pool of water the collected on to the shroom plum. "Ahhh!" the kitten yelled. I quickly cached him before he could fall. 

"Whoa kitty, easy there." I say as I put him back on the shroom plant. Swatting my hand with his paw he said. "I have a name other than kitty." 

"Oh I’m sorry. What your name?"


"What an interesting name, I’m Hatter. Nice to meet you Ataroa" 

"Hatter hmm, how did you get that name?"

"It’s typical for people to name their kids names that they hope the children to be. So I got hatter 
Because my father was a hatter and him and my mother wanted me to be one too."

"Was a hatter?"

"He left us when I was little. Anyway Ataroa I better get going my mother will start to worry."

"Here hatter let me walk you home." 



"Do you remember how after you walked me home that one day when I was ten you kept visiting, until I finally just told you to sleep at my house?"

"Yea, you remember how big of a fit you mother had when she first met me?" Ataroa pawed at my ribbon to my top hat as he stood against my chest. "Ataroa I told you to stop doing that this hat is special and its old plus it’s a family heir loom."

"Yea, yea you got the hat from your mother for your tenth birthday and it’s been your family for generations and its tradition to give each child a top hat on their tenth birthday. Yada Yada Yada. I know Hatter you have said that to me thousands of times. It’s not my fault it’s the color green that attracts my attention and makes me want to pounce on it. "

"Ataroa you know that this is special to me”

Sighing I lay back on the cool wood, and look up at the light pink sky and slowly scratch Ataroa`s ears. Ataroa leans against me and starts to purr steadily until his purrs turn in to quiet snores.
“All I want is to be myself. My true self and to follow my heart and be a knight, to make sure I’m nothing like Narsirs." I whisper in to the cool air. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Waking up with a start the once pink sky is now almost pitch dark. Standing up I look for Ataroa but he’s nowhere in sight.

Walking back to above my window, I stop because I hear an odd noise coming from below me and where our front window is.  "Ammara, it’s come the time to either give her to me or for me to kill her.” An unknown voice said

"No! No! She’s too young she’s still a baby! You can’t take her! You won’t take her!" Mother cried to the stranger. 

“There was a promise made to you many years ago and now it’s time to honor it or there will not be a happy ending for him."

"No! She isn't ready!! You can’t take her!"

"I can and I will! If you don’t give her to me I will fulfill my promise." The voice boomed. 

Laying on my stomach and leaning over the edge all I could see of the stranger was a midnight head of hair and white armor.

“She’s not here, she left hours ago, your too late.” Grandfather said gleefully. Suddenly two armored men came up behind him and put a strange looking device next to his ears, a loud pop was heard and grandfather screamed and fell unconscious.

The stranger was tall and past her were two men holding my unconscious grandfather and my struggling mother.  

My mother looked past the stranger and saw me; the look in her eyes will be one I will never forget. Fear, shocking breath taking fear, never in my life have I ever seen her look so terrified.
“Run” mother mouthed.
Shaking my head no, I started over the edge, keeping my eyes on her I tried to slip down next to the window so I was in the shadows and no one could see me but her.
“Ammara I will ask you one more time, where is Hatter?” The man said
“Farren, I don’t know; and even if I did I wouldn’t tell the man who killed my daughters’ father.”
Gasping, I clasp a hand over my mouth and hide in the shadows.
“What was that?” Farren turned and looked by the window.
“Sir, it’s time to go.” An unknown voice said.
Farren looked away from the window and I poked my head out and watched.
“Fine, but take Ammara.”
“What about the man?”
“Kill him.”
“NOO!!!” I scream I rush out of the shadows and in through the window.
The man known as Farren turned and looked at me.
“Well, well, well look who we have here.” Farren stalked close to me and stopped when he was barley an inch away from me.
“Hatter, I presume. You look like a spitting image of Ammara when she was younger.” Farren said as his gloved hand fingered one of my midnight curls.
Behind Farren my mother tried to struggle out of the hands of her guards.
“Farren, please no don’t take her! Take me instead, please.” Mother said hurriedly still fighting against the armored men. Farren turned away from me and walked over to mother.
“She left, she’s gone, you said well does she look gone to you” Farren yelled and struck mother a cross the cheek. Running forward I knelt down next to mother and helped her to her feet.
“Run, Hatter to the Red Queen.” Mother whispered as I helped her up.
“I won’t leave you.” Whispering in her ear.
Farren grasped my upper arm and wrenched me away from mother.
Looking at my feet I couldn’t leave her, I couldn’t leave my mother is all I could think of.
“Take me Farren, please.”
“No, it Hatter who he wants.” Farren said ominously
The armored men stayed like statues until one finally spoke to break the silence. “Come, let’s leave.”
Looking up I saw mother plead with me one last time, I swallowed and nodded.
Bring my elbow up I elbow him in the ribs, Farren doubles over and I rush to the window.
“Run, Hatter! Go!” Mother yelled.
“Get her! Don’t let her escape!” Farren yelled at his men. But it was too late I was already out the window and falling to the cobble stone. Landing on my feet I stagger to move forward. I made it to the barn and grabbed my horse quickly I mount her and rode off. As I’m riding under a street lamp something black falls on the horse. Ataroa looks up and smile.
I keep riding away from the village and in to the unknown.

The Red Palace

Riding through the spider lily bushes, Ataroa kept trying to keep me from breaking down and crying.
Ataroa was on my hat trying to hold on because Aziza wouldn’t let him on her back for long periods of time.
“Do I have to ride on your hat my paws are slipping?”
“It’s not my fault you stick your claws in to Aziza’s back, besides you’re the one with your claws in my top hat.” I said as we rode through the woods.
“She will be fine, Hatter; Ammara is a strong woman. You know she is, how else would she deal with you for long periods of time?” Aziza grunted out as she rode on getting more distance between us and the men who had mother.
“Hatter? I think we lost them do you think we can slow down?” Aziza said between breathes.
“Aww, is the poor horsey tired?” Ataroa 

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Christmas or not?

Every holiday this year seems like its not a actually holiday and it just seems like nothing is special anymore. But the thing is i hate Christmas and i wish it was normal again. I hope that these things get better. But we got in to a car accident and it sucks. No good Christmas and no good winter holiday. For the love of God i wish things will get better.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why does math suck so bad???

Why does math suck so bad???

Answer here

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


One of the most hurtful things in the world.
Rape can hurt you in many ways. Emotionally, physical, mentally. All these things happen when your raped.; and after being raped your never the same. Most people never go back to the way they were. Everyone is affected differently and its sucks and its horrible.

When you say NO. and the person doesnt stop you know something is wrong. You fight or you hide. but after words you feel so dirty and you feel like you can never get clean no matter how hard your scrub or how many long hot showers you take.

Being raped can be gruesome. Most females in America can prevent from being raped. But for the many who cant. They can never be the same. They can change for good or for bad. With there experience they can save the future women in america. Or on the other hand they can just hide for the rest of there lives and feel like they lost a part of who they were.

But No.One. should have to go through being Physically attacked. So i Conscious am standing up for Peoples rights. And taking the Slut walk of Seattle. Its Sunday june 19th. so instead of spending the day laying around hang with your dad. go out and help stand up for peoples rights against being raped.

The slut walk of seattle is.

We are going to march and rally to show that, no matter what you're wearing, no one deserves to be raped, assaulted, or harassed.

Note that this event isn't just for women, and isn't just for women dressed as sluts. We want all Sluts AND Allies there-- dress as you please, whether it's a corset and fishnets or sweatpants and a t-shirt. Because victim-blaming affects people of all genders, and no matter what you're wearing, you don't deserve to be targeted for it.

Inspired by our friends and allies in Toronto, we Western Washingtonians are ready to stand up, fight the sexist social acceptance of rape in our culture, and reclaim the word "slut."

SlutWalk began after a Toronto police officer said, "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." Sadly, this mentality of blaming the victim, instead of the perpetrator of the crime, has become all too common.

SlutWalk Seattle will be held on June 19, 2011, from 12 to 3. We'll meet at Bobby Morris Playfield, then walk west along Pine Street to rally at Westlake Center.

Here is the facebook page go here and find out more.

If you cant make it but would like to donate to the foundation here is the link.

For more information:

Come stand up to being able to be yourself and to be protected!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dear Normy

Dear Normy,

i went to your funeral today, i saw our family; all your brothers and your best friends. i sat next to one of your really good friends. She was crying throughout the service. Everyone who loved you was there, but some couldn't make it. Your children, no sorry your babies talked about you to everyone. Each one said all the good things about you. And Connie talked too, she told us about the young you and how brave you were, sorry i mean are. And then my dad came up and talked. He told us about your friendship; no i mean your brother hood and how after 36 years of knowing each other that you turned into one person almost. How you changed his life. Through the whole service people kept saying that you didn't have something bad to say about people. I laughed, but in a way they were right. You didn't have anything bad to say about a person; you had the honest opinion about them. You touched so many people and you were loved by so many people that my dad even started to cry. Then the slide show started it was of your life. But it was only a small sliver of it. If i could have done it would have been hours long. And it would be your whole life. Every picture, video of you and your amazing life. All the people who have ever been in it. Then Angies and your song was played. i smiled as I swear I could hear you sing it to her. Then when it ended the last flag was folded in your memory. Your children cried. Your best friends cried. Your family cried. But your brothers stayed strong. We went to your house after wards; they cooked food and our family sat down and talked and remembered you. I started to cry again I have never cried that much until today. Vickie held up strong. Angie, David, Christina, and Norm Earl, were hurting bad. But they kept it together. You have some strong kids there. I bet you’re proud. I saw the house I grew up in, it’s changed so much it’s not the simple three bedroom biker house anymore. All of your brothers talked and gave their condolences. We all missed you… very very much. Then at the end of the day it was just our family together to remember what a great man you were. But through the whole service and everything I was still crying. But its what happens when someone you love is taken away, when your parents best friend dies. We miss you. I miss you.

Forever your pain in the butt.


Jess the kid in the back.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Confusion and blank stares

Its been a while, so here it goes.

its Been months since i have posted something with meaning to me. but with school almost over and summer hanging over my head i thought i would post this.

Its been weird these last few months, my mom and i have drifted and my friends have gotten farther away; and i miss them so much its like i have a whole where my heart is.

though i miss them its not my main concern anymore, mine now is that im actually afraid of a guy for the first time in my life, and its not like a little frighting its that im actually visibly flinching when ever he raises his arm even the slightest bit. But the weird thing is that hes really sweet and nice and comes from a good family but i have this gut feeling like something is off. But i cant talk to anyone about it cause they only see this nice big guy who treats me right. but i have a weird feeling about him, and the thing is my gut feeling is never wrong.
But could it be wrong just this once?

Another things have been bugging me to but this is the one i can actually talk about. so im frightened and confused. and no one is helping me there all giving me blank stares. so im stuck and i cant hurt this guy.


i dont know why but this keeps poping into my mind.

The Deathly Hallows
One day long ago, three brothers decided to go out travelling the world together. At twilight they came to a treacherous river that had taken the lives of many people who had attempted to cross to the other side. The Peverells, being expert wizards, casually whipped out their wands and created a bridge out of thin air to cross over. No sooner had they set foot on the bridge when they saw a dark, hooded figure blocking their path in the middle of the bridge. This figure was none other than Death himself, and he was outraged that he'd been cheated out of three new victims, since most people usually drowned in the river. However, Death was cunning and pretended to congratulate the three brothers for being able to "evade" him, offering each of them a prize for their skill.
Antioch, the eldest and most boastful of the Peverell brothers, desired power over others, and so he asked Death for a wand that must always win in a duel for its master, a wand worthy of a man who had conquered Death. So Death crossed to an Elder tree near the river bank, snapped off a twig from one of its branches, fashioned a wand fifteen inches in length with the core of a Thestral hair, and gave it to Antioch, promising him that the newly-created Elder Wand would be the most powerful wand in creation.
Cadmus, the middle brother, was an arrogant man and wanted to humiliate Death even further, so he asked Death for the power to bring people back from the dead. So Death walked to the river bank, picked up a black stone from the riverbed, and gave it to Cadmus, promising him that when turned over thrice in one's hand, the Resurrection Stone would have the power to bring back the dead as he had requested.
Ignotus, the youngest and wisest of the three brothers, was a humble man and did not trust Death at all. Rather than ask for something to further his own desires, he asked for something that would enable him to leave Death and not be followed. Death, knowing he may have been outsmarted by Ignotus but not wishing to betray his true intentions in giving the brothers their "gifts," took off his own Cloak of Invisibility that he used to sneak up on people with and gave it to Ignotus with very bad grace. This was no ordinary Invisibility Cloak, as it provided everlasting protection to its wearer and did not fade with age as most Invisibility Cloaks often do. With this, Death stepped aside and allowed the three brothers to continue on their travels as they admired Death's gifts and talked of their adventure.
Eventually, the three brothers separated, each heading toward his home. Antioch reached a village and sought out a wizard with whom he had a quarrel, engaging him in a duel that left the rival wizard dead on the floor. Antioch then proceeded to a nearby inn, where he celebrated his victory and drank heavily in the process. He then drunkenly boasted of his unbeatable wand he had snatched from Death himself, claiming it made him invincible. Later that night, a greedy wizard who had overheard Antioch's ravings crept up to Antioch's room. Finding Antioch unconscious and wine-sodden, the wizard took the Elder Wand from Antioch's belongings and, for good measure, slit Antioch's throat, winning mastership of the Elder Wand for himself. So Death took back his first victim.
Meanwhile, Cadmus returned to his own home and took out the Resurrection Stone. As Death had instructed him, he turned the black stone over thrice in his hands, and, to his joy and astonishment, the image of the girl he had hoped at one point to marry before her untimely death appeared before him. However, she was cold and distant, as though being seen through a veil, and she suffered due to the fact that she no longer belonged in the world of the living and desired to go back to the world of the dead. Upset that the Resurrection Stone could not make it as though she had never died, Cadmus was driven mad with longing, and he took his own life so as to truly join his love in death. So Death took back his second victim.
Though Death searched for many long years, he was unable to find Ignotus, who successfully hid from Death for a good many years using the Cloak of Invisibility. Finally, when he was a ripe old age and had lived a long and happy life, Ignotus decided to take off the Cloak of Invisibility and gave it to his son. Ignotus then greeted Death as an old friend, and together they departed this world as equals.