Monday, May 2, 2011

Confusion and blank stares

Its been a while, so here it goes.

its Been months since i have posted something with meaning to me. but with school almost over and summer hanging over my head i thought i would post this.

Its been weird these last few months, my mom and i have drifted and my friends have gotten farther away; and i miss them so much its like i have a whole where my heart is.

though i miss them its not my main concern anymore, mine now is that im actually afraid of a guy for the first time in my life, and its not like a little frighting its that im actually visibly flinching when ever he raises his arm even the slightest bit. But the weird thing is that hes really sweet and nice and comes from a good family but i have this gut feeling like something is off. But i cant talk to anyone about it cause they only see this nice big guy who treats me right. but i have a weird feeling about him, and the thing is my gut feeling is never wrong.
But could it be wrong just this once?

Another things have been bugging me to but this is the one i can actually talk about. so im frightened and confused. and no one is helping me there all giving me blank stares. so im stuck and i cant hurt this guy.

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