Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dear Normy

Dear Normy,

i went to your funeral today, i saw our family; all your brothers and your best friends. i sat next to one of your really good friends. She was crying throughout the service. Everyone who loved you was there, but some couldn't make it. Your children, no sorry your babies talked about you to everyone. Each one said all the good things about you. And Connie talked too, she told us about the young you and how brave you were, sorry i mean are. And then my dad came up and talked. He told us about your friendship; no i mean your brother hood and how after 36 years of knowing each other that you turned into one person almost. How you changed his life. Through the whole service people kept saying that you didn't have something bad to say about people. I laughed, but in a way they were right. You didn't have anything bad to say about a person; you had the honest opinion about them. You touched so many people and you were loved by so many people that my dad even started to cry. Then the slide show started it was of your life. But it was only a small sliver of it. If i could have done it would have been hours long. And it would be your whole life. Every picture, video of you and your amazing life. All the people who have ever been in it. Then Angies and your song was played. i smiled as I swear I could hear you sing it to her. Then when it ended the last flag was folded in your memory. Your children cried. Your best friends cried. Your family cried. But your brothers stayed strong. We went to your house after wards; they cooked food and our family sat down and talked and remembered you. I started to cry again I have never cried that much until today. Vickie held up strong. Angie, David, Christina, and Norm Earl, were hurting bad. But they kept it together. You have some strong kids there. I bet you’re proud. I saw the house I grew up in, it’s changed so much it’s not the simple three bedroom biker house anymore. All of your brothers talked and gave their condolences. We all missed you… very very much. Then at the end of the day it was just our family together to remember what a great man you were. But through the whole service and everything I was still crying. But its what happens when someone you love is taken away, when your parents best friend dies. We miss you. I miss you.

Forever your pain in the butt.


Jess the kid in the back.

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